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Gift cards purchased from a gift card rack at a grocery store are safe from hackers or thieves, while gift cards purchased from an online retailer are not.

Professional fundraisers are allowed to keep most of the money they raise for charity as long as they don’t lie about how much they keep.

It is safe to access websites with sensitive information, such as banking or credit cards, while using a public Wi-Fi network, as long as the website is secured by https.

Package delivery companies are responsible for losses resulting from package they leave at your door that get stolen.

Even if you are not using the Internet, if you’re in a location with a public Wi-Fi network, you should disable your wireless connection.

If you receive an e-card from Hallmark or American Greetings, you’ll know it’s safe to download the attachment to pick up your card as long as it comes with a confirmation code.

In most states, professional fundraisers must be registered with the government and report how much they raise and how much goes to the charitable purpose.

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